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Come Walk In This World With Us

Check in Week Seven and Eight

Walking In This World - Complimentary Course to Ar

Another Path

Check in Week Seven and Eight

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Short Cut

1. 7/7 and 6/7, There was one morning there was time for nothing and I forgot to go back to it once I had a break later in the day.

2. Artist Dates huh..... well last week I did venture over to uptown on my bike and hung out at Plan B for a while (a cafe I am looking to show some art at) this week however has thus far been a wash.... perhaps tomorrow evening I will find an artist date venue.

3. Walks.... I think that I havent done this because I walk SO much already... perhaps when I actually have a day off.

4. I was really happy when I was focusing on getting out of the airport and finally having days off to do things that I enjoyed.... just worrying about money and getting a shift in here in there worry me now. I could have just as full a schedule which is good and bad but at least it will be a more enjoyable full schedule as opposed to four days of getting up at 4:30 a.m. to torture myself at a place I do not enjoy working. Now I will only have to do that once every couple weeks... today I was really reallt tired and kinda depressive and I havent pinned down exactly why because I think I should be happy and guilt myself for not being so.... I guess I need to be gentler with myself.

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