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Come Walk In This World With Us

Tasks for Week Seven.

Walking In This World - Complimentary Course to Ar

Another Path

Tasks for Week Seven.

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Photoshoot Aug 07'

1. What culture other then your own speaks to you?

I love the celtic cultures, I go ceili dancing every week and I love their knotwork. Artwise I also LOVE Japanese woodblock.

2. What age other then the one your in resonates with your sensibilities?

Gothic Era or Modernist when it was just starting (Art History almost minor here)

3. WHat foreign cuisine feels like home to yhour palate?

Ukrainian is a definate comfort for me but I am atleast a quarter ukrainian so I dont know if that counts..... I am with Mark I LOVE SUSHI!

4. What exotic smells give you a sense of expansion and well-being?

Patchouli, Idian spices, chai, Nag champa

5. What spiritual tradition intrigues you beyond your own?


6. What music from another culture plucks your heart strings?

Irish Fiddle

7. In another age, what physical age do you see yourself being? (I think she means if you existed in a different era at this moment how old would you imagine you would be?)

Early twenties.... in corsette.... believe it or not.... not one hundred percent sure of the age. There are pirates.

8. In another culture and time what is your sex?

Female. I dont know why but I cannot imagine myself with a penis.

9. Do you enjoy period movies? Or Movies period?

I definately enjoy period movies... just not the world wars.... 

10. If you were to write a film, what age and time, what place and predicament, would you choose to explore?

I know I suck.... but modern.... 


Lis ten things that you have learned to do despite your doubt they could be mastered:

1. I learned, and have the ability to learn songs (tune and lyrics, songs that I even think are hard) and new how to sing them in public into a microphone (with last minute back up no less)

2. Learn lines for a play. When I first started in Drama I only wanted small parts because I never though I would be able to learn larger parts. Once I got a larger part though I totally pulled through for myself.

3. How to find books in the bookstore. I remember finding this very daunting at one point and now sometimes I dont even need book master for a title and author I may never have heard of before.

4. Ceili of course.... jig steps being the biggest challenge. But I practiced on Johns wood floor until it squeaked and now look where I am. I am in a troupe and have another troupe asking for me. And I am exploring more and more difficult dancing.

5. Driving a car without freaking out..... although I think there are only a couple people I could handle being in the car WITH at this point.

6. Making Zuccini bread. Its tasty.

7. Making Jewelry.

8. Pilates and I am working on Yoga.

9. How to read/enjoy a book.... I kinda wasnt encouraged to do so as a child unless it was the bible or some JW propaganda... so it took a me a bit to get into that swing of things.

10. Piano. Although I confess I would practically have to start over at this point but I do know how.
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