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Week Six Check in

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Week Six Check in

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Short Cut
It looks like Sunaday is jus tthe day and I will no longer count it as lateness....

1. I managed to get seven out of seven even though I took Saturday off (more on that in a moment) and didn't have public transit to remind me.

2. My artist date was to bike down to grand avenue and look around. Find that great art material store look at the Red Balloon kids book store visit depth of feel..... well in the middle of it all I managed to crash my bike.... and take a spill that made me take the next day off of work. All in all I guess it was a good artist date because it made me slow down for a day and gave me time to do my artist walk.

3. I did my walk.... partially it was because I was tired of laying around in pain an partially because I didn't want to get stiff. I did make a point to stroll leisurely instead of rush along like I always seem to. Took a couple pictures (I always have my camera with me).

4. Issues... well I think I may have resolved on issue... the working 60 hours a week issue.... more on that in the future I dont whanna open my big mouth until it is done. I still have moments of intense loneliness that I need to fill I think with oppurtunity to take advantage of no one bothering me so that I can do something creative. I was able to finish a scarf that I had started last year about this time on Saturday while I was laid up... so that was good. Dealing with being very broke again just so I can have my sanity back is.... well sometimes you close a door and nother burst open... I may be driven a little crazy by a lack of funds but I can hopefully find new oppurtunities now that I am hopefully getting a major stresser out of my life. The airport isnt worth it if it leaves me dead in the water after a shift.... its a limbo that I have already spent too much time in.... letting it sap my energy little by little until I couldnt even encrouage myself to go for a run... something I once enjoyed.  
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