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Week Five Check In... late as usual...

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Week Five Check In... late as usual...

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Maybe Sunday is just better... 

1. 7/7.... because I worked every day this week.
2. My artist date was staying in for once. After Yoga on tuesday I made the purposeful choice of just staying in for once instead of going to the local band I always go to see on Tuesdays. It was calm and relaxing and a time well spent meditating and really just having me time. Which is the purpose right?
3. My walk this time did have a destination but I could have bus, but decided to walk instead. Saw a beautiful sunset. Got too occupied in taking pictures of it to really think about my life though
4. It was a busy week... I took a little time for myself as I said but it was an otherwise full full week. All the events and experieces were good, I think because I sloughed off expectations.... stopped worrying what other people thought too. My biggest fear is that it will never be that good again ... like I will never make the pub go completely silent like that when I sing ever again.... but I have done it and not done it before... I need to accept the good with the bad. It will never always be perfect.... sometimes it will be a write off. Sometimes it will give me the goosebumps that make it all worthwhile. 
Its all about who you know... and I dont know many. I dont get myself out there in the ways that I need to. I am pursuing a couple avenues to show my work... I just need to keep at it. 
Stop worrying what other people think about the way your living your life and just live it... the people who agree with you will find you. 
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