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Week four check in... Late again sorry.

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Week four check in... Late again sorry.

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Short Cut
1. You think I am going to say 7 out of 7 dontcha?!? Yeah well the over achiever only hit 6/7 this week. I took a day off and the only day I have had with time to myself since August and I froget to do morning pages. Its because I didn't have the transit.... I always do it on the train.

2. My artist date was a Yoga class on Monday night, Spa Yoga Vinyasa..... superb. Took another class on Thursday. ONe of the best experiences in very recent history.

3. My walk kinda didn't happen.... for the same reasons it hasnt before. I spend enought time on my feet. That and its been monsooning outside a lot lately.

4. My biggest issue is getting over something that happened almost a month ago. Maybe I am reading into recent events too much or maybe I am not.... but I think a friendship may or may not have been tarnished beyond repair. Of course I am often overdramatic... and everything may just be fine.... but what if it isnt? I dont know what to do to make it fixed.... but wait I guess. Julia talks about how artists are very "crazy" but we need to stop calling it crazy. People who cannot accept us for who we are without putting a negative spin on it should be people we maybe don't spend too much effort in making understand. This is super hard. But we are who we are.  
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