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Week 3 - Check In

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Week 3 - Check In

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1. How many day's this week did you do your Morning Pages?

Incremental improvements. Two days out of seven. Trying for three or hopefully four for next week. (I know, I should try for seven out of seven, but I'm realistic).

2. Did you do your Artist's Date this week?

No. I have to address this.

3. Did you get out on your Weekly Walk?

Yes. As part of the task on page 59. I did try to focus on the positive while on the walk and since it was such a beautiful day here in Vancouver, I was, for the most part, successful.

4. Were there any other issues this week that felt significant to you in your self-discovery?"

I feel blocked and I am ready to admit it. I'm not pursuing creative goals with the enthusiasm it deserves. But I feel settled to this, which raises the question, should I just let myself be at the moment? Do I let circumstances take me away from what I love doing, or should I commit more fully to pursuing a compromise job which would allow me to continue living hand to mouth while I go through the motions.

I need focus. I said that before and I repeat it again. I need focus. What do I want, energetically, enthusiastically. What lights the fire of passion in my soul? I need to find the answers to those questions. This living reactively and without passion is not in my best interest. I have to give this one long thought this week. I feel flat and dead.
  • I've asked those questions and felt flat and dead. But in retrospect I find that sometimes flat is really fallow. Hard to tell.
    Good Luck!
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