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Week Three Check In

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Week Three Check In

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Short Cut
1. 7/7 this is obviously not a challenge for me... or  not enough to prevent me from accomplish it consistantly... sometimes I have to get creative about it at work

2. My artist date was romp through Minnehaha park with my back pack. Stopped and climbed onto a little island where I sat on a fallen tree. Took plenty o pictures to

3. My walk, well I kindof spent 70 hours on my feel, and that is just at work not including to and from, this week. Anything else on my feet has been out of the question.

I am just in a holding pattern that is wearing my nerves quite thin. At this very moment I could cry and scream and crawl into bed and ball and throw stuff all at the same time. A giant part of me doesnt even want to wait to see if my Green card is successfully renewed without any problems. Part of me just wants to leave this place and the people in it forever. Sometimes I feel like I don't even exist, and the people who have been a solid support in my life in the past have left me for forgotten and I can play that role just as well from my home country as I can here.  And to make new friends is kind of impossible with my schedule and no willing participants.
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